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The Annual GHTA Meeting Dates and Location has changed

Henry Dennig  | Published on 1/31/2019

The GHTA Board has some important news concerning the GHTA Annual Meeting.   This year, the GHTA Annual Meeting is being changed from the previously announced dates of May 7-9th in New Bern, NC to the new dates of April 2nd-April 4th in Gainesville, FL. 

                There is also a change in the format because this year, Mirage Manufacturing is holding a Technical Seminar at their facilities in Gainesville, FL.  Ken Fickett has offered to conduct the Technical Seminar as he had in years past.  The GHTA annual meeting will take place in a timeslot of the Technical Seminar.    If this years Technical Seminar will be anything like those in prior years,  aside from the interesting topics and presenters, there is time for sharing stories from the past year’s boating travels and if most of us stay at the same hotel there is even more laughs at the bar in the eveing.

                Many “Thank You”s are due to Mark Schwall for working with Ken and the Board to make this happen.  Most of you will recall this started as an idea from a conversation between Mark and Ken.  The discussion on the GHTA website forum has been a big help.


                With the meeting being held in Gainesville, FL, we will not have the boat tours like we could at the docks at New Bern Grand Marina, Chesapeake Yachting Center or Baltimore.   For those who were looking forward to being able to visit a Great Harbour trawler or compare a GH model vs the N model, there is a possibility we can arrange visits to boats in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and other locations.  We will ask about this in the survey also. 

      GHTA Board