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What does membership in GHTA Cost?
GHTA has two levels of membership available:

Fulltime Member:
$75.00 for the first year which includes a GHTA Burgee, then only $50.00 annually thereafter.
Fulltime Members must currently own, or have owned, a Great Harbour Trawler. 

Affiliate Member: 
$25.00 Annually - you would like to learn more about Great Harbour Trawlers, and cruising, but do not yet own a Great Harbour Trawler. 

What are the Benefits of GHTA membership?
Fulltime and Affiliate members have full access to all GHTA live, and online events. Both can also access GHTA's resource filled website and forum, which includes an extensive library of manuals, many how-to, DIY, and other boat project write-ups and various documents.

Our GHTA online Forum is chock-full of knowledge and helpful advice on all things Great Harbour. Our fulltime members have cruised their Great Harbour Trawler's thousands and thousands of miles, and many have completed or are in progress of completing the American Great Loop 

GHTA members are happy to share their knowledge, and experience with new members via our GHTA Online Forum and other GHTA events. Our member Website even has a classified section, where you may, if your lucky, find a few Great Harbour member boats, looking for a new home.

Fulltime members have voting rights on all governance and leadership issues per our By-laws.
How do I join?

On the port side of the website you will find a tab that say's


just click it
and your well on your way.

Thanks for your interest in GHTA!

The Membership of GHTA